Match Me If You Can - Susan Elizabeth Phillips I made it to chapter 10. *sigh* I had high hopes for this book. I gave Susan Elizabeth Phillips' other book, Natural Born Charmer a shot, but I didn't like the way the story was headed. But I loved the humor, so I figured a different book in the series would be the answer.No such luck. I liked Annabelle, even though her doormat attitude was kinda... sad. But I didn't like how manipulative and selfish Heath was. Phoebe was a bitch. I don't really care how bad somebody made you look 7 years ago, let it go. And the Portia/Bodie storyline was too much. I do not need that many different POVs and two different romances. The employee meeting Portia held was downright disgusting and while I don't think the author was glamorizing the situation or anything, it was still hard for me to stomach. I don't want to read about Portia's romance after I've been shown what a horribly fucked up person she is. But Heath's attitude and manipulations were the last straw and I'm giving up. I think I'll move on to a different author.I probably wouldn't recommend this book, but I'd ask a friend how it ended if I found out they read it.