Shadow's Edge - J.T. Geissinger Wow, that was a quick read. But I think it was due to the fact that I was completely immersed in the world Geissinger created. I think I only got up once to get a new soda while reading this.I enjoyed how she used taste and smell so heavily, instead of just describing what the characters saw. It was nicely done - easily understood, but vivid metaphors instead of obscure references that only the most cultured readers might hope to understand.We successfully run the whole gamut through this book with happiness, amusement, elation, sadness, pity, anger, disgust, jealousy, extreme horniness... what? It's not just me, I swear - read the other reviews: Bitches love Leander. I'd totally go fangirl on that.Anyway, I really enjoyed this book and I'd have probably given it 4 stars if not for the fact that Jenna originally went to Sommerley to get answers about her family, origins, and all that 'why am I so different?' stuff. She makes a huge deal out of this on numerous occasions. And she gets a few answers, but never the biggest answer. I don't even think she asks, but it would have been the first question I'd ask in her position. She never asks why she and her mother had to run for 15 years. She finds out why her father died, but never why it was considered a sacrifice. I feel kinda bummed that Jenna never got this information. The reader gets it, sure. The rest of the Ikati know the details. But Jenna doesn't. I feel like her ignorance in this situation is used to further the story at one point, but I think she should have been told afterwards. Can we say 'closure', people?My other complaint is that not one word is said about Jenna's first animal shift. The author throws us an extremely juicy tidbit as if it were of no importance at all and it's never mentioned again. That was weird.Final complaint... cliffhanger ending! The story was wrapped up fine and dandy (though I agree with some other reviewers that it lost a little steam for a couple pages in there), but like 3 pages before the end we're given this big "whoa!" revelation and then it's over. Damn.I would have waited a couple months to read this, because the second book in this series is expected in October. But I read the blurb and I don't like the redemption novels - I say 'off with her head'... so I'll probably skip out on the second book.Regardless, this was a good book. I liked the characters and the world building, but especially the writing. I'd definitely recommend it.