Master of Desire - Kinley MacGregor I enjoy the occasional historical romance, but I usually aim for the Victorian era, not the... what is this?? Medieval? Whatever. It's usually not my thing and I've probably only read 4 or 5 books that would be called 'medieval'... Anyway, point is: I don't have much to compare it to, so I won't discuss that part of it.What I will address is the relationship. It felt quick. Really quick. But at the same time, I understood why it would happen so fast. I would have enjoyed an intimate moment where they just spoke to each other about themselves. We didn't really get a revealing personal moment until nearly the end. But the author gave us enough to form the bond, so it works.Emily was tough for me to like. I absolutely loved her in some scenes and then wanted to strangle her in others. She pushed and pushed and pushed - I wanted her to back off for a minute.I kinda wish Hugh was the villain... he was such a dick. He somewhat redeemed himself at the very end, but I would have demanded more groveling had I been in Emily or Draven's place. Serious groveling.Anyway... it was a nice, fluffy story that killed a few hours and made me pine for a damaged Earl of my own. I didn't really want to like it, but I did anyway.Kinley MacGregor: 1Lyndi: 0