Seduced by the Vampire King (Vampire Warrior Kings, #2) - Laura Kaye I didn't realize this was a short story ebook. But it was a nice little quickie that I enjoyed.Honestly, I think this would be a good foundation for a full length novel if Laura Kaye fleshed it out with a plot about the war with Soul Eaters, some action and suspense, develop the relationship a bit, etc. I liked the writing and a full length novel from her would probably do well.As it is, I have two complaints about this ebook.First, for being trained to be a vampire's mate, Kate sure was clueless about recognizing the signs. I mean, you trained for years, Kate - you should know wtf is going on here.Second, there was a little bit more telling than showing that I feel was used to get information to the reader faster (due to book length), but that's kind of understandable. I think there are a couple times when you'll be reading a bit of dialogue and think to yourself "that was unnecessarily informative and formal"... or maybe not. Could just be me.So yeah, pretty good story, but I wouldn't pay the $2.51 it's currently listed at. This should be a 99 cent book, for sure. I could buy 300-500 calories with $2.51 and it would be way more satisfying.