Hot Nights, Dark Desires - Eden Bradley, Stephanie Tyler, Sydney Croft I felt like I just read the same story three times, each with a slightly different twist.Each female lead enjoys living in denial. At some point, one or both characters will run away from the other in an attempt to avoid future heartache.But it was Art of Desire that sticks out in my mind. That story was kinda fucked up. The story is about Sophie and Tristan. Sophie has a tattoo fetish - the idea of it turns her on immensely. I get this. But then she while getting tattooed by Tristan, she freakin' comes on the table!THAT IS UNSANITARY.Then we get deeper into her character development and find out she has unbelievable amounts of guilt for all sorts of things due to her strict Catholic upbringing. Though purposely defying her parents by not becoming a nun or something, she still can't let go of the guilt and feels that, due to her sexual desires, she deserves to be punished. This girl has dreams about people throwing buckets of water on her while they call her a whore - that's some serious fucking guilt.Awesomely enough, Tristan feels the need to be punished, too. His younger brother idolized him and ended up ODing on drugs. Totally Tristan's fault, obviously. He can never be in a relationship because he will inevitably hurt them, fail them, and somehow cause their death. They're in New Orleans, he could have easily have gone with the "I'm cursed" line.So, now we have two guilt-ridden pain fetishists falling in love, but trying to fight it at the same time because they don't deserve to be happy, la la that nonsense. Which leads us to the super sexy fun time scenes that give us gems like:"He drove deeper, hurting her, but she needed it. Penance, yes.""“I’m gonna hurt you, Sophie.”“Yes. Do it.”""“Christ, Sophie…yes, bite it, bite it hard.” She paused, bit into the tender flesh at the head of his cock. It fucking hurt. He deserved it. Needed it."I don't even have a dick, but it hurts right now.There was a lot of pain and punishment in this story. I felt guilty just reading it.The other two stories... the ACRO story, Shadow Play was another female lead I didn't like - Brenna. She had this air of naive entitlement about her and I'm really not sure why Hex was attracted to her after she opened her mouth. But the plot was interesting. The last story, Night Vision, made me LOL when Bat revealed how he got his name. But Catie came across as weak and scared until the very end. I didn't believe for a moment that she worked the bar scene in New York City. She was too meek.