Dangerous Curves - Pamela Britton I didn't hate the heroine - Cece - but I did think she was a moron for most of the story.First, I'll say that the story was good. It was entertaining and humorous, with moments of tenderness and suspense.Blaine was a decent guy who obviously cared immensely for his crew members. I'm not into guys crying very often, but I felt like Blaine expressed his emotions honestly and appropriately.Cece, however, was a terrible FBI agent. She cussed out a head honcho and released confidential information to the media out of anger at her superior officer. A smart FBI agent, when stonewalled by the local Boys Club, would have contacted her superior officer back home instead of acting like a 3rd grader and reacting out of spite. I can't believe she didn't get fired before.As for the final issue (Cece's paralysis), I felt it was unneccessary. Like Britton just decided she needed one more obstacle for Cece and Blaine to overcome. Mix things up a little bit. I thought they had enough problems to deal with.So yeah, another cute story. I dunno if this is a series, but a story about Lance would be quite welcome. I'm typing this up in a text document because my internet is down, so I can't check on that, but I will.