In The Groove - Pamela Britton Agggh! I finished the previous book and immediately found this one, so excited when I realized it was Lance's story. And then he's paired up with this... door mat of a woman. No back bone. No chutzpa. No nerve. No confidence. She constantly found fault in herself. Allowed others to use and hurt her without batting an eye. "Oh no, pretty girls are saying I'm ugly, I can't handle this!" Fucking GROW UP.That bitch refused to bake Lance cookies even though she knew he couldn't win the race without them. I DID NOT LIKE HER.Obviously, I liked Lance. I thought he should have pushed her harder when she refused to give their relationship a chance. Otherwise, he was great. But this story focused on Sarah and how little self-confidence she had, how cowardly she was, and how ridiculous little she knew about racing.Spending less time rehashing Sarah's insecurities and more time focusing on Lance turning his season around would have benefited this book immensely. Sarah was why he turned his season around. That needed to be made clear.