Exiled - Kaitlyn O'Connor This author seems to have a boner for Earth women getting kidnapped by or stuck with alien men. The language barrier and differing customs really get her going.Unfortunately, it's the same thing in each story. Like the men are too stupid to understand that the woman has been ripped from the life she knew and knows less than nothing about the aliens or their way of life. And the woman is too stupid to understand that she needs to tread carefully and at least make an attempt to understand the alien customs or language.Put yourself in their shoes. If you were suddenly snatched up and taken into outer space, would you really contemplate taking over the spaceship? Even if, by some chance, you were a fighter pilot with an Ivy League degree in WTFever, you wouldn't try to take over an alien ship. That's just stupid. You don't understand the language, the way things are set up, where you are, how to get home, etc. And you'd probably have to deal with the angry aliens after you realize how futile the entire attempt was. NOT SMART. Everyone gets angry for imagined slights or offenses without taking into consideration that neither party knows what might offend the other.I just don't like how Kaithlyn O'Connor has her females behave in these situations. And what's even more frustrating is that she has her characters recognize their ridiculous or offensive behavior, but she doesn't make them learn from the situation or develop. She just has them act like morons and then... they keep acting like morons.But regardless of all that, I enjoyed the story. I liked how Danica showed how fierce she was, that she wouldn't allow the priests to take anymore sacrifices, even though they weren't her people. Taj was confusing a bit, with his going back and forth between attraction towards Danica and exasperation. But I understood it. I wish we had his POV a little more. And I was hoping Kara would play a larger role in the conflict - the jealous fiance is always an amusing plot thread.