When Night Falls - Kaitlyn O'Connor How does this author keep writing such horrible heroines? Racist, ignorant, prejudice, selfish, insulting, fickle, dishonest, and naive. And they're always doctors. I'm developing a serious lack of faith in medical professionals of all specialties from reading these books.After reading 4 stories by this same author, I could write an instructional How-to book titled "What Not To Do When Abducted By Aliens" or something similar.For this book...1. Do not take the only lander out on a solo rescue mission.2. Do not waste ammunition.3. Do not insult your knight in shining armor.- a. Do not kill your knight in shining armor.4. Do not attempt to escape your safe haven.- a. You know you're stranded. You know you're not about to be raped and cannibalized. Just stay.5. Do not be a racist asshole towards your knight in shining armor.6. Do not make assumptions about what your knight in shining armor thinks or how he feels.- a. You will always be wrong.7. Do not act like a sloppy, desperate whore and then pretend to be a prude that would never consider stooping so low as to have sexual relations with an alien.- a. You're attracted to an alien - big fucking deal.8. If you are a doctor, stay the hell away from me because you're probably a moron.I just wanna smash my face into a brick wall after reading these stories. I don't understand why the author wrote the heroines this way. They have zero redeeming qualities or characteristics. They spend days worrying over what the alien dude thinks of them, while still looking down on him and considering him disgusting for not being human. "Oh noes, why isn't that filthy savage trying to have sex with me?" is quickly followed by "Well, of course he got an erection - he's a male and we all know they'll fuck any hole they can fit their dick in." Only to be countered with "It's so unflattering to realize he's not attracted to me as a person and I'm just a play thing for him to use." Jesus Christ! These women think so little of themselves and other races, I just can't stand it.And they are constantly trying to escape when they are already safe! They have no way to get home, no way to defend themselves, and no idea how to survive on a hostile alien planet. Oh yes, run away from the one being that isn't trying to rape and kill you. Because the bad guys will certainly help you find your way home, little girl. This makes no sense. None whatsoever.I'd recommend this book to fans of libricide. That's book burnin', for you slow folks.