The Kill - Allison Brennan I tried to read Miranda's story, but found her actions to be so unreasonable, I couldn't stand it. I wanted to give the author another shot, so I tried Olivia's story. And I found her to be pretty damn unreasonable, as well, but not as bad.I liked the story, I really did. But there was a lot of nonsense that wasn't necessary. It felt like filler and without it, the story would have still been a full length novel. I don't want to read about Olivia's self-guilt trips every freaking chapter. I don't want to read about how much Olivia frets over stupid shit that she has, and never had, any control over.So I didn't read it. I skimmed the hell out of this book, basically just looking for dialogue and reading the first and last sentence of each paragraph. I seriously doubt I missed anything.The plot was good and the villain was sufficiently scary. The romance felt real and the forensics were interesting. I liked the characters, too. And I usually have issues with the heroine. But I didn't have an issue with Olivia, I really just had an issue with the author and how much she repeated herself - usually about Olivia's guilt and worrying.Tedious. That's the word I'm looking for... the writing about Olivia was tedious.I'd probably recommend this book, but it'd be waaay down the list of recommendations.