A Family Affair - Mary Campisi Just lost my review. Fuck you, Wi-Fi!Here we go. This was a DNF for me for numerous reasons.1. It was tedious. Page after page of back story that isn't necessary, followed by even more pages of fretting on Christina's part. After being told in countless different ways that she hero-worships her father, I get the fucking point. Move on already.2. Unnecessary story. One chapter is about Christina, the next is about her Uncle Harry, then the next is about Christina again. Sorry, but I don't give a fuck about Uncle Harry. Each chapter is basically just reiterating that he's a hopeless schmuck that doesn't give a shit anymore. I FUCKING GOT IT AFTER THE FIRST SCENE. I dunno what the fuck he was doing, but it didn't seem to matter. At all.3. Christine is a bitch. A total bitch. She hates the family her father hid from her, even though her father was the one at fault. Why is she so angry at the people who are just as much a victim as she is? And then she gets pissed off when she finds out that this family knew all about her. But she's the one knocking on their door day after day, demanding to see Lily. So Christine can demand to know all about Lily, but her father had "no right" to tell Lily about Christine? That makes not one lick of sense and is so unreasonable, I couldn't see myself enjoying a single moment of her story. And she's tactless and clueless enough to call somebody with Downs Syndrome "retarded"... psh! If anyone in this book is retarded, it's Christine.4. Asshole Nate. Nate has a good reason to be pissed, but he's pissed at Christine when he should have been pissed at Christine's father and his own mother. Misplaced anger makes him mean and nasty - not something I'm attracted to or interested in.Thank GOD I downloaded this for free, because I'd be furious if I had wasted money on this stupidity. As it is, I'm just frustrated that I wasted enough time to get as far as I did before realizing that enjoying it was futile.