In the Spotlight - Ann Mauren Dear god. I guess this is a YA novel but that wasn't apparent through the Kindle store front.This is such a mess and if this is how YA novels are written, I'll gladly gouge out my eyeballs to avoid reading anything like it ever again. First, we get a murder. Oooh! Then nothing. Just a few chapters about how depressed, antisocial, and OCD Ellery is. Followed by a few chapters on her feeling like she's being followed and watched. Then a few more chapters on her making a new friend. Then even more chapters about being the third wheel to her friend and her friend's boyfriend. And we're at 45% before this dumb bitch even bothers to question WHY she has a secret security team! That is all I would have been worried about from Day One. This book is filled with childish, insecurity-driven wonderings that make me thankful that authors like Nora Roberts can churn out 5 new books a year.NOTHING HAPPENS! If you thought the blurb was any indication of what happens in this book, I hate to be the bearer of bad news... but it's not. Maybe something happens later? But you have to sit through at least 20 chapters of bullshit before getting there and I refused to do it.How anyone can stand this insipid drivel is completely beyond me. Fretting about the stupid shit that pales in comparison to the important stuff just makes me angry. And questions that need to be asked never are. And if, by some chance, a question is answered, it is done so in the most vague way possible and people just accept it. Like it's no biggie. And how the fuck do you inherit hundreds of millions of dollars and never think about it again? This bitch has her priorities waaaay out if whack.Nothing about Ellery made me care for her, identify with her, or cheer for her. I hope to god I wasn't that awkward and clueless when I was 17-18 years old. Heaven help us if the children are our future. Because they're dumb as shit.