Neighbors and More (High Rise #1) - Mona Risk I am on a motherfucking ROLL with 4-starring these freebie Kindle reads! This is like, 5th in a row or something and I usually DNF and 1-star books more than anything else. I wonder what's wrong with me.This was another cute, short read that I didn't put down unless I had to eat or go to the bathroom. And I even did the pee-pee dance for a minute while trying to finish reading a scene before getting up. For me, that means it's a pretty decent story. I dunno about your standards...Anyway. This story was a lot of fun, with the right amount of suspense and romance that came off as a well-rounded and highly entertaining read. I didn't get lost in back story or info-dumps, I didn't hate the heroine, and I didn't know who the villain was until I was supposed to. Total win.What bothered me a little was that I read Dante's dialogue with an Italian accent in my head and then suddenly I find out he doesn't have an accent? What the hell, man? Ruined it just a wee bit. Otherwise, I really have no complaints.This story was so good that I didn't hesitate to buy the next book 5 minutes after reaching the end. That's a glowing recommendation from me compared to the horrible things I usually say about books.