The Executive's Decision (Keller Family, #1) - Bernadette Marie This book annoyed the shit out of me. Aside from the massive amount of editing errors, the heroine was such a self-centered wimp that I felt the hero deserved better.Regan never once thought about how her behavior and duplicity made Zach feel. She acknowledges numerous times - to herself and her family - that she's lying to him, pushing him away, and/or running away from him. But she never feels it necessary to come clean and be honest with this person she supposedly loves. So when and how the truth was revealed was obviously out of her hands and it was a disaster that she didn't deal with, but ran from. It was such bullshit and it was predictable. Zach was an attractive person, not just physically, but the author never presented anything positive about Regan. She likes kids and she's a good assistant? That's it? She was pretty stupid and made bad decisions. She doubted herself so often that I wondered how she could event attempt a relationship. And she is always the victim. I don't even get that because Zach would obviously need a strong woman, not a doormat. Why did she earn Zach's affections? What the hell is so great about this woman? Nothing.The editing errors were things like missing or extra words, usually something minor like an extra "to". Misplaced commas - or were they extra commas? Whatever. There were a handful that I remember off the top of my head and I'm not smart enough to catch all of them, so there have to be more.This story really fell flat for me because I liked the premise I read before downloading it (for free from Amazon). It would have been better fleshed out with less worrying and duplicity on Regan's part and more suspense. *shrugs* It was just okay. I wouldn't recommend it because I just don't care about it.