Deadly Offerings - Alexa Grace I cannot stand how often Michael says Anne is intelligent. That woman was stupid. STUPID. Actually, all of them were kinda stupid.But my case in point is super spoilerific, so I have to hide it. View at your own risk.The police send Anne off to go do an interview with an FBI Agent, ignoring all sorts of protocols that anyone with an IQ above 70 would have questioned. They send her off, alone, with a dude none of them know. He then hits her, calls her a bitch, and shoves her in the trunk of his car. And this dumb bitch is like "Why would an FBI Agent stuff me in his trunk? This makes no sense!"Fuck aaaallll this shit!NO. NOOOO. NO. NO. no.And she doesn't even realize that the FBI Agent is really the bad guy until later! She got slapped in the face twice by Captain Obvious and she still didn't get it. Getting slapped around and stuffed in a trunk is not typical FBI protocol. It's not typical protocol for anyone other than kidnappers, really. So, what the fuck is she thinking?!But it's not like that was her only stupid moment. She actually tried to convince an ex-cop that she could protect herself from a serial killer with a pink Glock that she had fired once, three years ago. lolwut? Even when she realized how inadequate her protection was, she fought being helped by Michael every step of the way. I just saw no reason for it and it made her come across as both stubborn and stupid. Which we all know is a really bad combination.This is another decent story that was ruined by a TSTL heroine.