Gabriel's Ghost - Linnea Sinclair, Megan Sybil Baker Took me forever to get to this, considering I enjoyed the rest of the books by Linnea Sinclair that I've read. There is just something about the "past lovers reuniting for a second chance" thing that I dislike. And the blurb gave me the impression that this would be another one of those stories.I WAS WRONG.I really enjoyed the romance between Chaz and Sully. It was very emotional and I felt both parties had legitimate and honest concerns. I wanted to shake both of them at times. Chaz needed to stop listening to biased parties and look at the facts the way she did in every other situation - like a Fleet Captain. And I wanted to shake Sully and get him to just fess up and spill the beans.But it was an emotional and action-packed ride that had me hooked. My only complaint was the technical details in the world building were a bit long-winded. Eventually, I just skipped past a few paragraphs explaining the layout of the space station or the half page of techs about how a ship works. I understand this is necessary world building for the debut of a series, but I didn't need it.No real complaints, though. I'd have liked a little more of Sully's inner thoughts once he let Chaz in fully, but this was a winner either way.