Miami, Mistletoe & Murder (Red Stone Security, #4) - Katie Reus Cute little novella that was both sexy and entertaining. The murder isn't really murder and the villain is ridiculously stupid. But Noel and Travis were too adorable for me to really care. It's a very condensed story and I feel it could have been better served as a full length novel with a mysterious villain (instead of "Hi, I'm the bad guy!) and more suspense. I apparently needed a quick, light read because I enjoyed it more than I feel like I should. It's something I'd usually read and go "Oi, seriously? This is silly." But whatevs. I'll like what I want, when I want.Also... HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU NAME A GIRL "CHRISTMAS NOEL" AND THEN NOT USE A "MARRY CHRISTMAS" MARRIAGE PROPOSAL?!!?