Alien Mate - Eve Langlais I had some issues with the heroine, as usual, but otherwise enjoyed it for the most part. I wish the author had used something other than kidnapping to create conflict, because tree times in one story is just too much.I'm also not a fan of a woman being called BBW when she's a size 12. That's pretty average these days. I also don't understand why the character's weight needs to be focused on so much. Nobody else seems to give a shit about her weight, so I dunno why the reader would.I found the characters to be decently developed and even though Diana was contrary and mouthed off too much, I still wanted her to be happy in the end. I mean, obviously I didn't want her to be raped... nevermind.The only problem I found with editing was that the author never used the word "until"... always 'til. That's annoying as shit. If a character wants to say 'til, that wouldn't bother me. But the narrator needs to not use slang.Looking up the other books in this series, it sounds like the same story over and over. I don't really understand the point of that, unless you're only supposed to read one book.Anyway... it was entertaining, but nothing special.