His Teddy Bear - Eve Langlais 6% (10 paragraphs) into this story, I read this:"No fucking way. My mate's a chubby?"What. The. Fuck.Not only does Eve Langlais have an obsession with calling average-weight women "overweight" and "chubby", but she seems to constantly make the character "heavy" for no reason. It doesn't further the story. It just gives the character something to be insecure and contrary about. I have enough body issues of my own - why the FUCK would I want to escape to a fantasy world where I get to read about somebody else bitching about how that hot guy can't possibly be attracted to her because she isn't a size 2? That is in no way appealing to me. I'd rather read a romance where the female character's WEIGHT isn't described, justified, pointed out, etc. Just say she's curvy and let the reader imagine just HOW curvy she may be. I'm really sick of this "chubby" shit, when the characters are average and their weight doesn't matter at all.I agree, girls with curves rock and all. But dear god, write something else.Edit: I made the horrible mistake of giving this a second shot. OMG. It gets so much worse. The guy calls the girl chubby... to her face. It was so rude, I literally yelped out loud and reread it to make sure I wasn't hallucinating. And this girl is sooo freaking bitter about her body, it's... what's the word? Tedious. And depressing. It's mentioned every other paragraph and both characters are warped in their thinking about weight and body image in general. I'm officially giving up on this author.