The Dragons' Demon - Marie Harte I didn't realize this was a menage until it was too late to stop. It's actually The Dragons' Demon, not The Dragon's Demon.I guess I should say something about the story, since this is supposed to be a review and all.It was fast. Everything happened quickly and while that's usually just dandy, it felt slightly forced. There wasn't any development. It was just like... "This is what is happening, nobody cares how you feel about it."The sex scenes were yummy. I've been tearing through my Marie Harte collection, even though I know it's a bad idea to read the same author consecutively, and I've come to expect a certain naughtiness to her scenes. And I like it. A lot. They're the kind of sex scenes that would have made loads of other books way better for me. Marie Harte could write sex scenes for all my favorite authors and I'd be the happiest camper in the world.While the menage took me by surprise, it was fine. It didn't feel weird until they started talking about how it was just temporary and why. And then it felt incestuous. Really, really incestuous. I understand it, but I don't really like it. It was not a turn on. At all.I'm not rating this book because I honestly don't know how. The menage was alright, but not my thing. Then it was weird on top of not being my thing. The characters had no development as far as I could see and I don't remember anything about it that makes me want to recommend it. But Marie Harte writes awesome sex and I'd have read it just for that. So, I'm not really sure... whatever. That's my review. Nobody ever said I was good at it.And boom goes the dynamite.