The Wild Road (Dirk & Steele, Book 8) - Marjorie M. Liu Ok, I usually don't read gargoyle stories because it's so difficult for me to get the typical gothic statue image out of my head. I can't force myself to disassociate, so I just avoid them. In this story, Marjorie M. Liu used the word "craggy" to describe Lannes' face like a hundred times. Which always brings to mind Clint Eastwood.Yeah, it was weird for me.But I still enjoyed it. I couldn't picture Lannes' face at all, really. I just knew he wasn't baby faced. *shrug*Originally, I only kept reading because I wanted to see how far we'd get into the story by only using "the woman" to describe Lethe. But eventually I got hooked on Lannes' struggles and Lethe's reaction to his being a gargoyle was just perfect. So, I kept reading and was quite happy that I did.I'd recommend this, but I doubt it would be necessary because I seem to be the only person that hasn't read this series.And boom goes the dynamite.