For His Eyes Only - T.C. Archer I feel like this book was kind of a mess. It was really enjoyable, but it just didn't feel right. I don't know how to explain it properly. It could have been shorter. Jesse could never have been a covert operative, there's just no way. One TSTL moment after another put me on guard to the point where I was predicting how she'd fuck things up. Fortunately, she surprised me, but still fucked things up.It's always the heroine for me.Also, it felt odd to me when, in the middle of thinking about their mission, a totally asinine sexual thought would come roaring through Jesse's head. And it felt inappropriate. Not like... a sexual thought is inappropriate in the situation, but that the timing of the specific thought is all wrong. She should have had a sexual thought or impulse five sentences ago, not now. Now it just looks like nympho-ADD. There was nothing to spur the sexual thought, it's almost like a sentence was misplaced at the end of a paragraph about mission plans. Now imagine this last sentence is about how overpriced banana chips are in Kentucky and you may understand how bizarre it felt.The wham! bam! thank you, ma'am! ending kinda threw me. It was an appropriate place to end, but I didn't like it. A little bit of dialogue between Jesse and Cole was quite necessary for me and I didn't get that at all. There was no wrap up between them that set them on a path of an HEA, though I assume they'll get one simply because the authors didn't give an indication that they wouldn't. I just feel like they gave the bare minimum to indicate a HEA and that makes me sad.Whatever. It was a good story, it just felt overly long and disjointed. I don't even know how they got from Columbia to the US and back and then back again over and so and so many times. It was weird.And boom goes the dynamite.