The Practice Proposal - Tracy March While I really liked this, it was kinda predictable. The only thing I wasn't sure about was who was going to get busted first. Cole over his deal with Frank or Liz over her deal with Frank. I was slightly disappointed because the way it turned out kinda forced the person to have an extreme reaction that really made no sense. I wasn't happy about how it turned out - the wrong person was groveling here.But it was still a cute story. Sex scenes are totally glossed over, so it's a safe read. I really liked Cole and I sorta liked Liz. I hated Frank, though. Gawd, he was a right bastard.Anyway, I'd recommend it to my friends that enjoy tame romances. But it's a little heavy on the baseball descriptions. Literally, two pages (on my ebook) of play-by-plays, it was just overkill. Especially for somebody that doesn't understand the phrases. But I skimmed over those paragraphs and enjoyed the story.