Noble Destiny - Katie MacAlister I couldn't even finish the first chapter. Or was that a prologue? Either way, I didn't make it to the end of the opening scene before turning my Kindle off and tossing it aside.While taking into consideration that I'm already in a foul mood due to two previous DNFs with horrible heroines (they're always heroines, even in historical romances)... I still found Charlotte to be unbearably annoying, vapid, selfish, and ridiculously stupid. Nobody mixes up words that much. And from the reviews I just read, it goes on through the whole shebang. No thank you.She seems like a fairly horrible person. Yeah, she grows, she develops into a stronger and smarter woman, blah blah. Maybe so. But if the road to get there is mind-numbingly ridiculous, I don't think it's worth the trouble.I agree with what another reviewer wrote, though... Katie MacAlister is a greater writer, but her wacky characters need to be taken in small doses. Charlotte is an immediate OD for me.