Bring Out Your Dead (Dark Ones, #4.5) - Katie MacAlister I had a really hard time with this little story. Partially because I'm somewhat familiar with Dark Ones, but I didn't really know there were zombies and demons and such. That threw me at first. And partially due to Sally. I love the witty, outspoken, has-no-concept-of-personal-space sidekick that Katie MacAlister writes. Cora in "Unleashed" was a perfect example of one of these characters (though I know she later got her own book, I think she was a better sidekick). But Sally was impossible to understand with her butchered French and I had no fucking clue what she was trying to say. And I've taken French, been to France! So she was more of an annoying character than a funny sidekick.Belle was TSTL. She's warned by a Guardian to stay inside because it's dangerous, but noooo. She goes out anyway and gets attacked. Instead of going home where she knows she's protected, she continues on. Then things get weird and she doesn't pick up on it at all. Again, she's told to stay inside where she's protected and she's all "Oh, I'm just going to go to work, it's not like there's any danger." Just imagine I've used a gif of somebody pretending to shoot themselves in the face with a finger-gun here.Also, the blurb mentions a "teen vampire"... in what world is a ten year old considered a teen? I kept waiting for somebody else to show up until I realized there wasn't time in a novella to introduce another character and they were obviously referring to the ten year old.The double soul concept is awesome. I don't think I've read anything like that before and it's probably what saved this from being a one star read for me. I still love me some Katie MacAlister, though.