Talson's Wait - Marie Harte My only problem with this story is the abrupt ending. And I believe this is an issue with the other Marie Harte books I've read. Instead of a nice little epilogue to explain the HEA, the entire story suddenly ends mid-sex scene with a parting line that usually deserves italics. It's a good place to end the story... if there was an epilogue. It's more like the end of a chapter. Even just a handful of paragraphs to show us which direction the HEA takes. Pregnancy? Space travel? Gimme something!Otherwise, it was fast and fresh. I liked the indentured servant idea. I guess Marie Harte is into dirty talk as much as I am because it was used here, as well as the last two books I've read from her. I'm totally not complaining.While part of me scoffs at "silly Elora's Cave" books (the part of me that enjoys long epic fantasies that make me want to reevaluate the person I want to be when I grow up and somehow change the world and carry a magical talisman while doing it... ahem), I've come to the conclusion that they are exactly what I need lately. I don't have the time or the attention span for serious novels or intense stories right now.This was hot and amusing. I approve.