Thor's Hammer (Rune Series: Thurisaz) - Tianna Xander Again, a really interesting concept that got kinda lost in the nonsense of a fickle female mind. Shit, I already forgot her name. Emma is a good character, but the author spent entirely too much time on her mental flip flopping and self-recriminations. I was constantly like "Just stop thinking, girl. You're doing it wrong." Over and over again with calling herself a slut because she wanted to sleep with Thor. Then continuing on after she slept with him but refused to do so again. Back and forth between loving him and blaming him, hating him and craving him, calling herself a slut while convincing herself that Thor wasn't interested in anything but a one night stand as payment for his work? What the fuck? That would make her a whore, not a slut.The main story, though... the plot, the world building, the characters... I enjoyed that. It was interesting and kept me reading even though Emma's conflicting emotions seriously cut down on the enjoyment factor. I quite liked Thor, though. I felt he was appropriately flawed and perfect in his own way that was just right to stay short of annoyingly arrogant.But the back and forth over the self-slut-shaming (I guess that's pretty accurate), the total lack of knowledge about sex expressed one moment and total wanton abandon expressed the next, and the total backasswards way she behaves makes Emma an entirely unbelievable character.And while it may sound insulting, I don't intend it to be... but for one of these books, it's decent. These books are your Ellora's Cave, Devine Destinies, etc published novellas that the authors bang out every month and never cost more than three bucks. You're not gonna find these books on NYT Best Sellers List. You probably won't even find them at a book store. Regardless, they're cute and mindless reads that eat up a couple hours of your afternoon while you're waiting for your laundry to finish. So, for one of these books, I liked it.But Emma is gonna piss you off.