She's Got Dibs - A.J. Nuest I was going to wait on a friend's review before picking this up, but it was available immediately so I grabbed it.It's quite a long story. A good story, but a long one. All the appropriate tropes and cliches are used... you won't find massive amounts of originality in here. But the author made it work and it was very entertaining.My only real complaint is that Tessa is kind of a bummer for the first half of the book. I mean, really depressing. Just constantly trash talking love and commitment, no such thing as happily ever afters, you're just kidding yourself by even attempting a relationship, etc. That attitude is so pervasive in romantic fiction these days, it's getting sickening. And while I have accepted that I can't totally avoid those characters, to have it beaten into me page after page, time and time again... it was hard for me to push through and keep reading. Simply because Tessa's attitude was a downer. It was overkill, really. I got the point the first ten times she said it. The last thirty times were unnecessary.And you just knew she was going to somehow crush Dibs. It's difficult to watch a character be so brutally heartbroken. Maybe if Dibs had been an asshole sometimes, it would have been easier. But he's like, the perfect person. He was wonderful and I wanted to stomp Tessa's face halfway through the book because I knew she'd be the one to fuck things up later on. By the time we got to the drama, I was just like "Of course she did it, she's a horrible person! I've been trying to tell you that the whole time, Dibs!" I don't think that's how I was supposed to view her.Anyway, good story. It was entertaining and I'd recommend it for a rainy Sunday afternoon.