The Duchess War - Courtney Milan I thought I had already read this, but once I got further in, I didn't even care if I had already read it. It was just sooo good. I adore Courtney Milan's historical romances. I'm not going to go looking through my "read" list, but I'm pretty sure I've 4 and 5-starred all her HRs.Anyway. If you want to know about Milan's writing style or "storybuilding-skill-level", don't even bother reading this.Because I'm just gonna talk about how FUCKING AWESOME Minnie was. This character was just the right amount of vulnerability and insecurity mixed with a ridiculous amount of intelligence, wit, and kind-heartedness. I felt like all her actions were entirely appropriate and I rooted for her every step of the way. I wanted Minnie to be my friend, you know? I really enjoyed the Dowager Duchess, too. She warmed up and once the reader is given her backstory, you can't help but just... feel for her! Shit, I felt for everyone, really. The cast of characters in this book was just awesome. I mean, the villain wasn't awesome exactly... but he was a legit threat that I found believable and kinda skeevy. Anyway, I loved the peeps.I don't really have any complaints. There must be a glitch in the Matrix!