Living London - Kristin Vayden So I obviously read these in the wrong order, since I read Surviving Scotland first. Doesn't even matter, it makes no difference since the stories can stand alone. The references in the second book were not confusing because I hadn't read the first.It is usually a silly idea for me to read similar stories from the same author back to back. I tend to trudge through the second book, regardless of how much I enjoyed the first. But in this case, I could actually go for a third. Seriously. It was the exact same formula as the first story I read, but it's such a cute and sweet story that I'm gobbling it up like blackberry cobbler.Very light-hearted, romantic, and fun. Don't expect purple prose or a lot of depth. But if you don't enjoy it, then... well, that would suck for you, cuz I loved it.