Virgin's Blood - Tianna Xander I usually don't review this sort of book because I guess I think that the reader knows if they're interested or not by reading the blurb. These aren't NYT Bestseller nominees, you probably don't care if your friends liked it. You'll either read it or you won't.But this book pissed me off enough that something has to be said. This is a decent author. She writes entertaining stories and scorching sex scenes. So I don't know how she got away with starting a series with these terrible characters. Aside from them being total assholes, the story is so disjointed and all over the place, there is nothing to anchor your interest in the story. Terrible beginning to a series. And it's loooong. Because it's so disjointed. The author tried to shove so much into one story, it was tedious and nonsensical.The characters supposedly fall in love, but they have no reason to. They aren't open and honest with each other. Tasha is ignorant and judgemental; Micah is closed off and has a superiority complex. How the fuck could anyone put these two together? Cats and dogs. Or plants and kitchen appliances.The sex scenes were so long and numerous, I started skipping them. It was the same thing every time, anyway. Hot, but repetitive. *sigh* Just a let down all around.I would recommend avoiding this book, though I can't pass judgement on the whole series. This author has put out waaay better, though.