The Water Dragon - Tianna Xander Three pages in and we've already established that the heroine is an unreasonable bitch that enjoys making people feel threatened. Are you fucking kidding me?"What had he done to deserve her?" Not one word has been spoken between them. They literally just saw each other for the first time. And all I can think is "You must've pissed off the Fates because this girl is a bitch with a capital B."At 25%, I was tempted to DNF this shit after each paragraph. It just got worse and worse and worse. And then BOOM! Change of heart, totally different attitude, now she's not as horrible. But I fully expect to DNF this as soon as something doesn't go her way. This is an atrocious character and I actively don't want her to have a HEA."Every minute they spent together brought them closer." Yes, these minutes where they're not together is bringing them so much closer. They have said maybe 5 sentences to each other and she's in love, finding no fault in the man that she called a chauvinistic pig-dragon in the previous chapter where he told her to run upstairs so the men could talk about her dowry.We are six books into this series, so why are we spending so much time talking about other people's relationships? If I gave a shit about May's story, I'd read her book.Dear Jesus, who allowed this to be published? And why are people rating it so high? There is no development of the romance - she hates him and he loves her as soon as they meet. Then they BARELY talk throughout the book, but declare they are soul mates and love each other deeply and endlessly. But why? There is no reason for either of them to even like the other, much less love them. This was terrible. The girl can create storms and violent weather, but we never talk about that. Her mate doesn't even know about it! If you asked me to tell you just one thing that I remember about the characters... Summer was a biiitch, I don't even remember the guy's name, but he was really old. THAT IS THE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT OF THIS STORY.