Undercover Princess (Royally Wed) (Harlequin Romantic Suspense)

Undercover Princess - Suzanne Brockmann The blurb says "With those words, Princess Katherine Wyndham went from sensible sister to secret agent." but I can't figure out just what words they're referring to.Regardless, this was a cute little story. I think Dougie was actually my favorite character. He was just so damn cute and innocent. Stacy reminded me, unfortunately, of my older sister when she went through her death metal phase. I felt pretty bad for Trey for having to deal with all that animosity.My inner bitch came out a couple times and I wanted the woman that was hanging all over Trey to get put down by Kathy... I dunno why. She didn't really do anything wrong, aside from make a single snide remark to Kathy. I would have liked to see her find out that Kathy was royalty... yeah, that would have been sweeeet.A few issues were left unresolved or just weren't expanded upon very much and I would have rated this a 4 star book if there had been a "hell yeah, go Kathy!" moment where she made some jaws drop or something. She started out meek and continued to be meek throughout the story, with rare moments of backbone.Not much to say about these Silhouette books. They aren't very deep or intense, but there have been a few that really moved me. This wasn't one of them, but I enjoyed it nevertheless.