I'm Watching You

I'm Watching You (Romantic Suspense, #3) - Karen Rose I was totally surprised at who the villain was! It wasn't as surprising as the fact that I was surprised, though. So often I immediately know who the killer is and I'm so glad I didn't know until the end of this book. You know, when you're supposed to find out. It's a whole new experience for me! *pees a little*And shocker of all shockers, the heroine wasn't a complete twitbag! She stayed in the car when the alpha-hero told her to stay! OMG! That never happens. Never. When she almost got killed, it wasn't even her fault! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! YOU'RE BLOWING MY MIND WITH THE ORIGINALITY! The crazy part is, I'm not even joking. You guys really have no idea how thrilled I am to finally read a book where the female lead doesn't repeatedly put herself in danger because being a strong, independent career woman is supposedly the equivalent of Kevlar and common sense.Oh! OH! And the couple didn't spend 85% of the book fighting with each other, denying their attraction, trying to convince themselves they only want a no-strings fling, -insert generic plot contrivance here-, etc. That was just... so totally new for me.The characters were fleshed out enough for me to understand their behavior and cheer for their HEA. The plot was tasty, with a nice balance of action, sex, and mystery to keep me reading (nearly) nonstop until the last page. Sometimes I feel like books in the 'romantic suspense' genre should be in the 'erotica' genre and a few should just switch to 'suspense'. This book traveled the line very well.I didn't love this book. I feel that is partly because of Kristen's total naivete about sex. I understand where the author was coming from, but she made the character a little too... I really don't know what word would be best. Childish, maybe? Yeah, her response was too childish for me to feel completely comfortable. For a moment, I felt like I was reading about the seduction of an innocent young teenager or something. If it had continued, I would have stopped reading.The other reason I can't love this book is because of the HEA. The final scene in the epilogue. It was just too... convenient, I guess? Almost a cop out on the author's part. "I don't want to leave that plot thread dangling, so I'll just fake the reader out a la 'Dallas' Season 8." *I'd recommend the book, for sure. I just wouldn't press my friends to read it now so we could discuss it over coffee.*For those of you who don't understand the Dallas comment: Show writers wrote off an entire season as a character's 'bad dream' when ratings fell and they had to bring a character back from the dead. It was like one big "PSYCHE! We fixed it!"