Gabriel's Angel (Language of Love)

Gabriel's Angel - Nora Roberts I cannot for the life of me think of why Gabriel fell in love with Laura. She's a meek, insecure, door mat that has no redeeming quality except her beauty, which she herself says is all she has. She finally got a back bone for a full two minutes and then quickly lost it again.I imagine their HEA is full of Gabriel trying to convince her to stop apologizing for breathing. Dear god, Laura is a horrible character. Not like... a horrible person or a villain or anything, she just has nothing to recommend her besides her face. What the hell does Gabe see in her?Oh, and this is not a "holiday" book... I guess it was released during the holidays, but it doesn't even mention Christmas. I dunno why the publishers went with this cover.Edit: Just saw this was originally published in 1989 (god DAMN I feel old!) and that explains oh so much, but I still disliked it.