Double Down

Double Down - Katie Porter Two edits below - I DID FINISH IT!This sounded pretty good. I got about 20% into it before I realized just how messed up in the head Ryan is. Yes, sex games make you a trashy, tasteless sicko that should be locked away with the pedophiles and rapists! Please note the sarcasm dripping from my previous statement.I can't get into a character that is so ashamed of wanting his lover to wear a costume. A FUCKING COSTUME. It's not like he was fighting himself over his desire to see her whipped and caned while wearing a latex gimp suit and gas mask. He wanted her to wear stockings. STOCKINGS.I feel like his 'personal obstacle' is something thought up by two 12 year olds that caught a little bit of softcore porn on Cinemax and decided to write a book about it.Edit: God damn. Convince me to give it a second chance, why don't you? Fine. I'm giving it a second chance. And Ryan is still acting like the desire to see Cass in a school girl outfit is depraved and immoral. But he has referred to 'flight groupies', that apparently like it hard and fast, choking to death on a pilot's cock. Why is that 'totally normal', but dressing up is 'depraved and sick'? This doesn't make sense.And the editing doesn't make sense. Who the fuck edited this:“I dangerous, and there’s the chance I’ll be redeployed one day. But what I do is important.” With a tenderness that left her breathless, he kissed her forehead. “I’ve been trusted with a responsibility that I never take lightly.”am good. The best. I take every precaution.” Her words, echoed in his voice, began to ease her tension. “Cassandra, I’m not going to lie. What I do isThat's an entire paragraph copied straight from the Kindle, no editing on my part except to put it all in italics. If any of you can make sense of that shit, I'll give you a dollar.Second Edit: Okay, I finished it. I gotta say, I loved Cassandra. She was fierce and stood up for herself in a way I rarely see in these contemporary romance novels. But I still didn't like Ryan's self-hatred. Not only did it come across as naivete, but stupidity as well. How can you be 29 yrs old and think that role play in the privacy of your own bedroom is disgusting and depraved? Even if he didn't have lovers that were into it, the fact that role play is a WIDELY KNOWN and COMMON fetish shouldn't have been lost on somebody that's seen the world and is obviously quite experienced in sex.Gah, I'm repeating myself at this point. It's just so... OMG WTF R U SIRIUS? Anyway. I loved Cassandra - she's probably the reason I continued to read through Ryan's self-loathing - and the dirty talk. Ryan's one redeeming value was his smexxxy dirty talk. I rarely get to read such aggressive dirty talk and I liked it. Whore, bitch, dirty slut, etc. It was hot. *fans self*So yeah... my attempt to read this book was a cluftersuck of frustration with Ryan, but I know for a fact that most of you horny bitches will love it. I think my personal experience got in the way of my "understanding" Ryan's problem.