Compromising Positions

Compromising Positions - Jenna Bayley-Burke I'm slightly torn between giving it 3 or 4 stars. I feel I more than "liked it", but I dunno if I would go so far as to say I "really liked it". But what is the median between the two other than 3.5 stars. I hate giving half stars because it's not visible unless somebody reads the review and I dunno why anyone would want to read my pathetic excuse for a review in the first place. But I digress. We're talking about the book here.Sooo... David is a control freak and Sophie is nympho virgin. They both own gyms and they've both been tagged to fill in for the instructors of a couple's sensual yoga class. The class focuses on touching, Kama Sutra positions, and the yoga or pilates positions that make those positions possible. Sophie has harbored a fantasy-driven crush on David for 10 years and teaching this yoga class finally puts them up close and personal while demonstrating sexual positions. She falls for him, he tries not to fall for her, etc ad nauseam. Happily ever after, the end.CharactersThe characters were somewhat typical, but then there was like an odd mixture of things thrown in. David is a major control freak and reorganizes her life without even telling her, much less asking her. ie: He buys the building her gym is in, buys out her partner, and assigns one of his employees to cover her schedule at the gym for 2 months so she can jet-set around the country with him. And she finds out all this from everyone but him. And when she calls him out on it, he doesn't see it. His response, numerous times, is the equivalent of "Nu uh." At the same time, Sophie wouldn't just specifically say why this action or that action made her feel like he was micromanaging her life. It seems like if she just said the words out loud, he wouldn't be so clueless.As for Sophie... whoa. Can we say "zero to bitch in 2.3 seconds"? Because I reared my head back like I'd been slapped and muttered that "this bitch is crazy" at least 3 times. Meet Sophie. She'll eat your soul instead of deal with the awkward 'morning after'...She had insanely inappropriate overreactions to situations and I pictured her with wild hair, red glowing eyes, and spit flying out of her mouth when she would start a fight with David. It kills me when an author makes a character act so bizarrely crazy as a reaction to being uncomfortable. And it kills me even more when an author has that character realize that their behavior is extremely childish and unreasonable. But the author might as well rip my heart out and eat it in front of me if they have a character realize that their behavior is unreasonable and then have that character consciously shrug off the voice of reason and barge ahead with the crazytrain.I also don't understand how a virgin (albeit one familiar with a vibrator) can be such a sexual creature without ever having even watched porn. She didn't date. She didn't dance. So where did all this raw sensual sexuality come from?PlotLet me first say that I really liked the concept. The yoga instructors being put into sexual positions, developing a somewhat hidden affair, and falling in love. It worked. It created sexual tension and with Sophie's dialogue while teaching class, I walked away feeling like I just got a lesson on how to improve my sex life. When I get one.The twist with the step-mom's "plan" on top of the twist of the father's "plan", who have apparently both been "planning" for years was a bit much, but it didn't hurt the story. It just seemed a little unnecessary. RomanceI know a couple that Sophie and David remind me of. The guy is like 6'8" and the woman is maybe 5'1". I've always looked at them and been a little weirded out because they just don't look like they'd fit. In any position. But their 4 kids prove that at least one part fits. And I've read a number of books where the man is tall and the female short, but the situation has never really been addressed. This book addressed the logistics and I was pleased about that.The sex was... average.Watch out now! The awesome sex is about to happen!I was surprised it wasn't steamier, considering the sensual yoga and everything. But it wasn't disappointing. Personally, though, I wanted a bit more. Not more sex, but a little more dialogue during foreplay or a few naughty whispers during yoga class to get the blood really pumping. It would have gone a long way and probably would have made this a 4 star read for me.So even though Sophie's crazytrain was slightly annoying, I still liked both characters. I felt the chemistry and I liked their interactions (mostly). I grinned the whole way through the epilogue. Like a friggin' moron. The author definitely accomplished her goal of making me care about their HEA.I would recommend this book to all my friends that believe fantasies really do come true and even a few that don't.