Pride and Passion

Pride and Passion - Jenna Bayley-Burke Oh... my... god. *bangs head on table* The heroine. It's the heroine again. IT'S ALWAYS THE GOD DAMNED HEROINE! James Van Der Memes is helping me express my frustration in this review rant.If you had asked me a month or two ago whether or not I felt a crappy book justified hatred for an author, I would have said "absolutely not"... now, I'm not so sure.I will say that I enjoyed Complicated Positions by Jenna Bayley-Burke and sorta liked another. But this book... OMFG I want to napalm the author's house!!1! No, I'm not serious. How could she write this character? How could she portray a woman to be that fucking stupid and prideful without feeling like she was doing a disservice to her gender? Because that is what she's doing. If any woman, I mean any woman, really behaved like the female lead in this story, she would not be pursued incessantly by one of the city's top bachelors. If anything, she would be a miserable cat lady that justifies the owning of 30 cats by convincing herself that the cats need her. This woman, her name is... Lily, I think. Lily takes delusion to the highest level of WTFery by convincing herself that Jake wants to marry her as a broodmare and keep mistresses on the side. This is mentioned a dozen freaking times by a bitter Lily who spends 95% of the book throwing Jake's imaginary mistresses in his face while somehow managing to scream that she's not jealous. All while seething with jealousy. I'm not entirely sure this book's original title wasn't "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Day Using Your Neurosis"...The male lead was a dick. Jake is like a steamroller that has a couple romantic moments, which is weird because I dunno how you'd be seduced by a steamroller and enjoy it. I liked that he knew what he wanted and would go to any lengths to get it. But when it came to Lily, he went about it all wrong and instead of figuring out the right way, he wants to call it quits. WTF, man? You've waited for over a year to get her and you're just now realizing it won't be cake? He was harsh and blunt to the point of being rude like, an hour after she buried her father. I dunno, he just came across as trying to beat her down and bully her into accepting his proposal. Hmm... He romanced her by making her feel miserable and repeatedly pointed out that she's worthless before he told her that he paid her father's debts and promised to marry her.Best. Proposal. Ever.And this isn't even an historical romance, people!I understand that pride is going to be prevalent in the story, you know... because of the name and all... But both characters were so prideful and unwilling to just ask a question instead of make an assumption, I really got pissed at this book. I wanted to stop reading every few pages and I'm almost hating myself for pushing through it. We get 85% of the way through the book and then suddenly Lily is all "omgz i luv him, ive always luved him and i could have lost him!" and does the whole running into his arms thing, silently accepting that she'll be a trophy wife (uh no) and he'll sleep around with tons of bitches. And so they make love and we're at like, 95%. Don't forget there is a sample of the next book in the back, so we have to kind of assume that we're closer to 97% of the way through the book. THAT is when Lily finally decides to confront Jake about his mistresses that Lily has imagined up for him. He finally denies it, she accepts it, they decide to get married, the end. And keep in mind that the previous sentence happened in 5 minutes on the last page.So much WTFery cannot be wrapped up in a couple paragraphs!You know what, Jenna Bayley-Burke (which, by the way, totally sounds like a pornstar name... or Stepford Wife...), here's what I think of this book.Please don't take enough offense to sue me.I would recommend this book to terrorists that enjoyed being water-boarded.