Next of Kin (Rebel Ridge Series #1)

Next of Kin (Rebel Ridge Novels) - Sharon Sala I'm not going to give you a summary or a blurb, because that's already on the top of the page and you obviously know how to read.What I will give you is a list of all things I enjoyed about this book. So, consider this to be your SPOILER WARNING and proceed with extreme caution.I liked...... how Beth kept her head straight when witnessing a murder instead of turning into a blubbering moron and then took her safety into her own hands by ditching the Feds' protective custody. Regardless of any future panic attacks and crying fits she may have (understandably) had, she is bad-ass.... how Beth & Ryal dealt with the truth about why they never got each others' letters and where to go from there. It was a mature reaction that was a pleasant change from the usual miscommunications and stubborn refusals to open up after being wounded.... how, regardless of Beth's parent's transgressions, her family welcomed her with open arms and rallied around her for protection. That's how we Southerner's do, ya know.... how the author portrayed the folks of Kentucky. It was accurate - completely capturing the "faith, family, and firepower" vibe that resonates through the people of the area. I felt like I had personally met some of the characters in this book just last week on vacation on a Kentucky mountainside.... the way the narration jumped from Beth, to Ryal, to Pappas, to Ames, etc. There was never "too much" time spent away from Beth & Ryal, but it was just enough for me to feel like I knew what was going on with all the players without knowing exactly what was going to happen.... that the author totally delivered on the suspense. Throat slashings, gun shots, stalking, bows and arrows, death pits, and rocket launchers! Oh my! This book had damn near everything but a submarine and if Sharon Sala could have made a submarine believable in the Appalachian Mountains, I bet she would have done it.... how the sex scenes weren't glossed over, but weren't extensive and overly graphic. They felt natural, emotional, and sweet. A hardcore banging wouldn't have felt right.... Granny Lou. I want one of her.... that the story was paced quickly, but didn't feel rushed. I gobbled this book up like it was my last meal - a thick, meaty steak that filled my belly and made me want to unbutton my pants while leaning back on a soft couch. Yeah, it was that enjoyable.... Quinn. He tugged on my heartstrings and I was pleased to read a little about a soldier with PTSD that didn't seem to want to destroy everything in his path or pretend he didn't have PTSD at all. Kudos to Sharon Sala for not whitewashing the issue or making it sound like a death sentence.... pretty much everything. This book is going on my favorites shelf and the author will be one I watch for in the future. It's obviously not the greatest book ever written and it won't be a story that sticks with me for the rest of my life. But I really enjoyed it and I have zero complaints - that's more than I could have asked for and I'm really glad I found this book, even if I have no idea how.I will be recommending this book to all my fellow romantic suspense readers.