Midnight Man

Midnight Man - Lisa Marie Rice I'm hiding my review because I'm going to mention very specific things, but nothing I say will reveal much. My complaints are about things that happen early on in the story.Again, my complaints are about the main female character, Suzanne. I couldn't get myself to like her and I tried, honestly. Aside from the usual "running away from things that make you feel good" and "I don't 'do' relationships" plot devices, there were just a couple things that she did that almost made me close the book and give up.She sees a light coming from her office at night. Her thought process: OMG Fire! Maybe I should run into the room and check it out! But wait, it's actually a flashlight. Instead of fleeing immediately, let me take a peek into the room to see who's stumbling around with a flashlight! Oh look, they have a gun. Let me now go over, in detail, the various things I've previously read on burglars and them not having guns. He must not want to burgle me. So he must want to kill me. PANIC!And I'm just sitting there wanting to scream "BITCH, RUUUN!"The would-be killer's arterial spray is spattered across her walls, yet she can't figure out why she needs to pack a suitcase before leaving what is now a crime scene.She dwells on it twice, but still doesn't understand why in the world she'd need a change of clothes. I assume she believes that after giving her statement down at the station, she'll just return home and go to bed by walking around the puddle of blood in her hallway. No biggie, whatevs.Aside from those two horribly stupid moments that made me want to kill her myself, most of this book was full of her inane thoughts that came at the most inappropriate times. And I don't mean that she was like "Oh god, I need to stop thinking about random things and focus!" (Although she did come across pretty poorly during her initial statement to Bud because she couldn't focus on anything but John... I didn't like that.) I mean that the author made the character basically infodump random nonsense when she should have been thinking about, oh I dunno, not dying? Or perhaps, dare I say, talking? Paragraph after paragraph of her thinking about shit that doesn't matter AT ALL and isn't interesting or entertaining enough to justify it being written. I understand our hero, John, is the strong and silent type, but there was very little dialogue between them and a whole lot of irrelevant infodumps.The villain was obvious to me right after John questioned her at the hideaway. Simply because the situation was never mentioned again until the big reveal.In summary, Suzanne wasn't likeable for me and I felt she was pretty stupid. John was a good hero, but a little too quiet. The infodumps were mostly irrelevant and felt like filler. And the villain was too obvious. I forgot the character's names immediately after I closed the book and nothing stuck with me to remember this book by. It was a very quick, very light read.