What the Librarian Did

What the Librarian Did (Harlequin Super Romance) - Karina Bliss I specifically chose this because a reader I follow religiously shelved it on a "heroines-i-adore" type of shelf. I needed a strong female lead.Rachel is not a strong female lead. She's kinda crazy. And not in a funny way, but a totally-messed-up-way-of-thinking kinda way.I loved the banter between characters. And Devin, Mark, Trixie, and Katherine were all great. But Rachel really bothered me. I didn't find her actions believable because they were so delusional. Literally, all of the conflict in this book was created by Rachel's backasswards thinking and subsequent behavior. (Also, I'd just like to note that "backasswards" is accepted in my spell check and that's awesome!)I think that most readers that enjoy this type of story will probably love this book. But I was annoyed with Rachel so much that I couldn't give this more than two stars.