Never Stay Past Midnight (Harlequin Presents Extra Series #211)

Never Stay Past Midnight - Mira Lyn Kelly The title makes it sound like Elise is a one-night-stand only kinda girl and that her steadfast rule is to never stay past midnight. That's not accurate at all. She wants a commitment and Levi should be the one with the 'never stay past midnight' rule. I dunno where this title came from, but it was slightly misleading.Aside from that, I really enjoyed this book. The epilogue was poorly written - it seemed like Mira Lyn Kelly just tried to throw in as much as possible and make it seem natural, but it felt forced. Like an info dump in disguise. Otherwise, I had no complaints. Which is weird.Levi was equal parts charming and frustrating. I wanted him to see how he was hurting himself and letting his past determine his future. And having Elise purposely help him see that would have been nice, but he got around to it on his own anyway. I guess. Actually, I'm not really sure he ever fully realized his self-sabotage, though he worked things out in the end. Elise was a character that I felt for... I really did. But there wasn't anything special about her. She's not a Mary Sue, just your basic nice person. A little more backbone wouldn't have hurt. I feel like this story was about Levi's character and Elise's emotions. I dunno if that makes sense.Those aren't really complaints, just more of my nitpicking. But I still ate this book up and closed the book with smile. :)I would recommend this story to people who like the slightly tortured boy falling hard for the sweet and genuine good girl.