Kiss Me, Katie!/Hug Me, Holly!

Kiss Me, Katie! / Hug Me, Holly! - Jill Shalvis I only read "Kiss Me, Katie!" because Holly is a bitch and I don't care what happens to her since apparently it's not a broken neck.Katie is your typical staid, boring, no-risk kinda gal. She was too boring. Bryan was alright, I liked him enough to keep reading. But Katie got on my nerves, I strongly disliked Holly, and Matt was borderline deaf and dumb.The plot was a cute idea that ended up being a bunch of recycled material that I could hardly stop rolling my eyes at. Thankfully, it's a short story and I didn't get a headache. Or this review would be a scathing rant on Holly because she reminds me of this girl I knew... ANYWAYS... the plot.- Main character, due to tragedies of the past, refuses to take risks; boring, regimented job; no friends. CHECK- Love interest, due to upbringing, is an adrenaline junkie; ruggedly handsome, charming, funny, and smart; makes panties drop like rain. CHECK- Instant attraction; work circumstances that put them together; party with spiked punch. CHECK- Total denial of instant attraction; subtle avoidance; totally convinced that it's just lust. CHECK- Just one kiss- well okay, maybe other...; no-strings affair; still attempting to convince oneself that it's just lust. CHECK- Extreme and total denial of attraction; frantic avoidance; fight-or-flight response when making eye contact. CHECK- Character is put in danger; character inserts foot into mouth; character is leaving and may never return. CHECK- "OMG You could have died!"-sex; proclamations of never ending love; happily ever after. CHECKI bet you can think of at least 3 novels that I've just perfectly described. More, if you're a Jill Shalvis fan. I can honestly say that reading the same author non-stop is not only a bad idea, but I don't think it does the author justice. I would most likely enjoy these books a bit more (not saying they'd suddenly be 5 stars or anything) if I wasn't so familiar with Jill Shalvis stories. And I wouldn't be so familiar with them if I hadn't just read like 14 in a row. I'm not only rating low because the stories just... aren't all that great, but because I'm worn out on the same plot contrivances and character profiles being used over and over. I'm almost salivating to read a paranormal romance and that just doesn't happen, people!So my apologies to Jill Shalvis (and whoever else) for the fact that I'm rating these books slightly lower than I might have otherwise. "Otherwise" meaning, if I weren't drowning in Shalvis.I wouldn't recommend this book, but I'm going to foist it on somebody else anyway when I trade it for something better.