One of the Guys

One of the Guys - Shiloh Walker I just finished reading 10 Shiloh Walker books. They were all listed as Erotica and they were all compromised of recycled content.These are not actually spoilers, but I'm hiding them because it's erotica and I don't want anyone's poor virgin eyes to be spoiled.By reading Shiloh Walker's books, I have learned the following...- The H/h have to have (detailed) sex at least 3 times.- Anal is always reserved for the 3rd time OR for the make-up sex that always happens after the 'big fight' scene.- The h always loves to be spanked, even the virgins.- Bitches love getting fucked on the floor. (4/10 books had the H/h's first time on the floor)- The H says "Come for me, let me feel it." in all 10 books. "Let me feel it" is apparently the hottest thing ever murmured in bed/on the floor/against the wall, because it's used numerous times in each book.- Girls go nuts for a fingertip in their ass. NUTS, I tell you!- Sex always follows this formula: cunnilingus, intercourse, nap and cuddle time, cunnilingus, anal play, blow job in the shower (rinse, repeat). All 10 books used this 'outline' for one or more sex scenes.- That mousy girl everyone ignores is a hellcat in bed. Even if she is a virgin.- All girls get raped and take years to live their lives without the fear of being touched. But once they finally get close to a man, they turn into raging sluts.Thank you, Shiloh Walker, for your literary regurgitation. Your steamy dirty talk drew me in, but your repetition has almost guaranteed I'll never read another book of yours again.