A Perfect Storm

A Perfect Storm - Lori Foster I made it 7% before giving up out of pure hatred for the main character, Arizona. She says she wants nothing to do with Spencer, but then gets insanely jealous before turning into an outright vicious bitch harpy! She is petty, cruel, and bipolar. And not in a way that makes her interesting, it just makes her horrible.“I am soooo sorry.”“No, you’re not, so don’t lie about it.”No, she wasn’t sorry. Just the opposite, she was glad she’d kept him from boinking the blonde.“Marla, huh? She was sort of…full-figured, wasn’t she?”“She’s got a lot of curves. So what?”“You’re a chubby chaser?”What the fuck, Lori Foster? Your heroine, for lack of a better word, is a dick.