Alien Proliferation

Alien Proliferation - Warning: This is probably a biased review because I adore this series and Gini Koch can do no wrong. Don't even think about saying otherwise or I'll cut you. Moving on...Let me first explain why I love this series so much. I could go on and on with a couple dozen specific things that would make you wonder about my sanity, but simply put: it's fun.The whole book is filled with snarky, sarcastic humor that keeps even the scary scenes moving along with an entertainment value I can't get enough of. Diffusing every situation with humor would get tiresome usually, but the characters come to it so naturally, it just feels right.In previous books, there are always numerous diabolical plans going on that are happening all at once. None of the villains know about each other, so their plans intersect and cause unintentional havoc. It guarantees that you're kept on your toes right along with the characters. You don't have time to find a lull and get bored because you're thrown right into another fiasco as soon as disaster is narrowly avoided. This book strayed from that a little, since there was really only one diabolical plan, but with numerous parts. So the absolute WTFery that usually happened wasn't there so much, but it was just as entertaining. In a different way.Kitty is always right and she always wins. Period. When she runs off into the thick of danger, she does it without coming across as a TSTL heroine. It's helpful that the story tends to get a little silly sometimes and it ends up being believable that she can turn anything in her massive purse into a lethal weapon. Although I'm pretty sure there was no creative weaponry in this book, which was something I was really looking forward to. It's become kind of a staple in the series... "What crazy thing can Kitty kill somebody with in this book?" I like how Kitty thinks, exactly like the psycho sons of bitches that are trying to kill them all. It avoids the tedious "OMG What does this mean?!" ruminations and gets right to the action. She's an action person, not a sit and ponder person. At the same time, she's not stupid about it, so it works really well. I definitely have a fangirl crush on Kitty, no doubt about it.The relationship between Jeff and Kitty wasn't a big part of this story, which is understandable. One sex scene, a few quick kisses, they're not together much. But it works with the story and I definitely don't read these for the sex.I'm trying to avoid any spoilers, but I just have to mention something that won't stop bothering me. View at your own risk:Kitty's death. It really isn't mentioned often after it happens, but there are a number of things that are mentioned that I was expected to be discussed before the story ended. Like when Kitty looked at Reader and something kinda passed between them. He said they'd talk about it later, but they never did. Nobody ever asks her if she saw anything while she was dead - she just said she didn't remember dying and they left it at that. Knowing there is another book coming next month, I have to believe it'll be addressed, but I was bummed it was never mentioned again.I really enjoy this series and I'm excited that I just so happened to read it right before the next book comes out. This is one of the few 1st person POV series I've gotten into and I hope there are lots more to come because it's slowly converting me and I know I'm missing out on decent books because I usually hate 1st person POV.Anyway, read this book or you'll regret it. Whoa, just got dark up in here, right? I just mean um... please read it, I know you'll love it. If you don't, you're lame.