Bluegrass State of Mind

Bluegrass State of Mind  - Kathleen Brooks Kindle freebie from Amazon.Ok, where to start?This book is no show and all tell. I'm going to quote a bit of dialogue for you that should be a pretty good example of the issue:"Really? She broke you? I don't mind you telling her, as I figured the subject was going to come up. But, I was hoping I could seduce her before we got to serious conversation. But, my curiosity is piqued now. How did one little woman get you to talk about a confidential matter? After all, I know when you were a commander in the Elite Service, you were captured and tortured for three days before rescue, all the while, never revealing any classified information. So how on earth did Kenna get the information out of you?" Mo asked, truly confused.What. The. Fuck.First of all, nobody talks like that in real life. Second, that is a total Evil Gloating kind of monologue. Note: Mo is not evil, I'm just saying... that overshare of information is supposedly to be strictly limited to villains in Bond movies.But that's how most of this book is. People spit out long paragraphs of information that, if heard in person, would result in boredom induced comas. Because nobody needs to know that much shit about somebody's 15 brothers in the middle of a story about somebody else. Seriously. I specifically refer to Paige and her many brothers - they all had backstory and the author told us every little bit of it. No point.A lot of this information was interesting, but it should have been doled out better. Instead of huge dialogue-dumps... a little tidbit here from the local gossip, a short and sweet explanation from a friend, stuff like that, would have worked sooo much better. It felt very unrealistic and I ended up skimming over parts that I could see were just more infodumps. What made it weird was that all the infodumps were technically dialogue-dumps - always somebody telling Kenna. And they talked like a book would be written. Not very conversational. So yeah, weird.BUT! I still really liked the story. The main story arc appears to span three books, but definitely two at least. So not everything is solved, but it's not really a cliffhanger. I could easily decide not to read the next book and still feel satisfied. But I'll obviously read the next book, because I want total satisfaction!The story was good - the drama, suspense, romance, humor... it was all there in appropriate amounts. My only problem with the heroine was that she took the crazy-ex-wife's word as law instead of simply asking Will. The fact that she even considered the crazy bitch was telling the truth makes me doubt her intelligence, but whatever. Aside from that, I loved all the characters (except the bad guys, obviously)! I felt like I knew some of them personally. Kathleen Brooks did a great job of representing Southern Hospitality.I spent most of my evening reading this, so I'd definitely say it was hard to put down. Thoroughly enjoyed it.I would recommend this book, for sure. But I'd warn readers about the wordiness and encourage them to skim. (That actually doesn't sound like a positive recommendation, but whatever.)