Black Smoke (Agent of Mercy, Book One)

Black Smoke - Robin Leigh Miller This was a freebie from Amazon for Kindle.Can I just say, DAMN! Sam, the heroine, is one kick ass chick! I don't want to give spoilers, but I'm having a hard time figuring out what to say otherwise.The story was quick, interesting, sad, and romantic. I've never read a story with 'spirit guides' before and I was quickly hooked on the concept. I felt like Kong, the hero, was a decent guy, but so much time was spent on his learning to trust Sam, we didn't get to learn much about their feelings for each other while they developed.While I enjoyed this book, I'm not very interested in the next two stories about Boomer & Ricochet. I read the blurbs on them and they just don't sound all that interesting to me. I will probably pick them up some day, but not right now.I would recommend this book to any of my female friends that promise to stay the hell out of the Middle East.