The Night Beat, From the Necropolis Enforcement Files: 1

The Night Beat - Gini Koch Phew! That was an awesome read. I couldn't put it down - it being 6:15 AM is a testament to it's awesomeness. Everything about Vic reminded me of Katherine "Kitty" Katt. Since it's also written by Gini Koch, that's not surprising. The world is obviously quite different, but the characters and action reminded me so much of the Kitty Katt series, I admit I got slightly annoyed at times. Not enough to stop going all fangirl over it, though.The CharactersVic was a great heroine. Sufficiently bad ass and sometimes vulnerable, my only complaint about her was her need to guilt trip herself. But since she didn't dwell on it, just referenced the guilt and then moved on, it didn't really bother me. And honestly, most people in her situation would have probably wallowed in guilt quite a bit more. Vic was one of those characters I wish I knew in real life. Maybe without the whole 'turning into a werewolf' thing, but whatevs.The secondary characters had me squeeing. We've got H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allen Poe, Martin Luther King, Dracula, Nero, Hitler, Cain and Abel, P.T. Barnum, Shakespeare, Judas, Jim Morrison, Freddy Mercury, and I'm pretty sure I'm missing one or two there. All of these characters were given a little bit of a story - not enough to take away from the main story or characters, but enough to feel that they weren't just a name thrown into the mix. I could believe that those famous historical figures would have become undead and fought for the appropriate side in the ultimate good vs. evil showdown.The StoryHoly shit. The major twist had me rereading it just to be sure I didn't misunderstand something. I knew there was going to be something - Vic (and the reader) was warned about it numerous times. But I didn't think it would be THAT - it was an M. Night Shyamalan worthy twist.At first, I was like "Noooo! How could you do that, Gini Koch!?" but then I was like "Ooooh... d-did that really just happen?" And then I was all "OMFG That did just happen! Holy shit!" But then I was like "Ewwww ... that just happened!" And then I washed my eyeballs with green apple scented Dawn dish soap and steel wool. Shame I couldn't do the same to my brain. *shudders* And that's only one twist (albeit the biggest). There are some other twists that, while they may not make you want to gouge your eyes out, will surprise you and keep you guessing. Anyway. There was a shitload of action and that's something Gini Koch is really good at. Action scenes shouldn't take forever, because people don't fight slowly. Koch does a great job of expressing the urgency and tension, while delivering a satisfying account of what's happening. Not too wordy, not too quick... she gets it juuust right.The bad guys are sufficiently bad. Serious bad. Evil to the extreme. But we didn't get much of a background on the "Triple A's" - I don't follow religion/mythology enough to know who these people were. Still, I didn't have to know their history to realize they were the bad guys and needed to be dusted.The WorldThis is one of my favorite worlds so far. The mythology, religion, the beings, the city of Necropolis... all of it was really entertaining and and I loved how threads from all sorts of different sources came together to create a vivid tapestry of paranormalcy. That's not a word, so I'm making it one. Koch did a lovely job of building a world I could wrap my brain around and imagine living in. There were so many different beings and I can't wait to see how the various Dirt Corps and banshees and angels and all that craziness will come together in the next book.The WritingLOL You think I know anything about writing? PSH! Moving on...This shit could be written in Webdings and I'd still love it.The Comparison with Katherine "Kitty" Katt SeriesYou don't have to read very far before you can pick up on a few similarities. The things that I noticed weren't bad or anything, but they stood out to me.- Vic is basically Kitty. Same personality, same 'no nonsense' attitude, and a similar sense of humor.- Vic gives the 'big bad guy' a not-so-serious nickname. Kitty does the same, like "Operation Fugly".- Vic seems to collect people - always to her benefit. Kitty does the same thing and is actually known for it - it's been pointed out to her numerous times by other characters. Vic collected Sexy Cindy and Freddy, even Benny for a bit. Kitty collected damn near everyone that's joined the AC team since the day she joined.- Vic doesn't really share her plans with her fellow Enforcers. She just kinda wings it and manages to come out on top every time. Kitty does the same thing. She can run into a situation with no idea what she's going to do, but she always wins. Usually in a spectacularly creative manner... just like Vic.The other comparisons I could make aren't really important and may not stand out to somebody that hasn't devoured every word of the Kitty Katt series and fantasized about being her BFF. So there are some glaring similarities. But you know what?I DON'T GIVE A FUCK.Regardless of any similarities, it was a hugely entertaining story. The fact that it reminds me of Kitty Katt doesn't bother me enough to not love it. And I'm crazy disappointed that I read it so soon after publication because it means I have the longest possible wait until the second book is released. I think it'll definitely be worth it, though. As I've said before... it seems Gini Koch can do no wrong in my eyes.Dear Gini Koch,Forever yours,Lyndi