Bound: The CRYSTOR Series

Bound: THE CRYSTOR Series - C.K. Bryant I freaking hate cliffhangers! Haaaaate them! This book might have gotten 4 stars from me if there had been any sort of ending. My issues with this book are few, but pet peeves of mine. The heroine is stupid. And she's not always stupid, she saves the day a few times with her ideas. But she's clueless stupid. She wants to do something until somebody tells her why she can't and even though that reason is really good, she wants to do her thing anyway. She doesn't seem to think.It basically went like this:"I want to go with you all.""But your scent will drive them mad and they'll kill you.""You didn't kill me, though!""I've had years of dealing with it.""...oh."DUH. I mean, that kind of thing would be obvious if she just took a moment to think. Maybe not. Who knows.My other issue is grammatical errors, which could be limited to my copy of the ebook, since I've no clue where I got it. But "your" was written as "you're" a few times. Enough to bug me.It also took a while to get things moving. Things were happening and I could see the author's reasoning for the scenes, but things didn't really get moving until the end and then POOF! We're done.I like the concept. Oh man, it's really neat. The kindred spirit, alien planet, Royal powers, etc. It's a very interesting story and while I hate the fact that this book ended so abruptly with a cliffhanger, I enjoyed the story enough to want to read the next book. We'll see how it goes!